Our monthly sponsorship program allows you to become a virtual foster and sponsor one of our Sanctuary Dogs, helping to support he/she through a monetary donation.  Our mission is to rescue abused, abandoned, homeless, unwanted, sick and injured Pugs and place them into loving permanent adoptive homes.  Sadly we have dogs that are not adoptable (or will require a special adoptive home which can take a long time) due to severe medical conditions and in some case, severe emotional distress and are not able to leave the rescue.  As much as we want all of our dogs to get their forever home, it is simply and sadly not possible.  Your monetary donations will help keep our rescue doors open.  Below are some of our Sanctuary Dogs.   They may be un-adoptable but we know un-adoptable does not mean unlovable!  Click the Donate button below to become a virtual foster. 

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Heidi is a 14 year old Shih Tzu who came into rescue when her human passed away.  She is blind and very frail.  


Scooter is a 8 year old fawn pug who came into rescue from a breeder release.  He lost his first eye two years ago and lost his second eye this summer.  


Cuddle Bug is 6 years old.  She was a breeder release and is nearly blind.  Although nearly blind, she finds her human and stays by her side. 


Minnie is 9 years old and incredibly sweet and calm. She is mostly blind and deaf. Minnie suffers from dry-eye syndrome and will need eye medication indefinitely.  


Missy is a 17 year old female pug who came into rescue as an owner surrender. Her human went into a nursing home and the children asked that we take her. She is partially blind and must eat soft food as she has many missing teeth.  She is on Proin for incontinence.  


Skipper is an owner surrender and is 11 years old.  He is deaf and partially blind. He is very calm, sweet and loves to be cuddled.   


Willow is a 3 year old (estimated) female Terrier Mix. She came into rescue from the St Charles Louisiana Parish Animal Shelter. We assume she was a feral dog when she came into the Animal Shelter.  She is very timid and is finally allowing us to hold her.  


Bartley came into rescue as a stray found roaming on a highway, exhausted, starving and sick. He was rescued by a woman who drove him almost an hour to Tulsa to the animal emergency clinic so we could get him medical attention as soon as possible.  He was released from the hospital several days later and has fully recovered.  He has back problems and is on Proin for incontinence. 


Duke is a 5 year old fawn pug who came into rescue from a breeder release.  He lost his first eye three years ago and his second eye in December.  


Betsy came into rescue as a stray found roaming the streets, exhausted, starving and sick. She is estimated to be 9 years old.  She had been severely burned on her back and has healed.  Also a large part of her intestines and possibly part of her reproductive organs have dropped into a hernia in her abdomen and will require surgery.  All indications are that she was severely abused and dumped.  She is so sweet! 


Toby came into rescue when he was found wandering on the turnpike.  Toby is estimated to be 10 years old and blind. He was heart worm positive and has been treated for the heart worms.  


Tazzy came into rescue because her human was near death. Tazzy is 5 years old and nearly blind. Tazzy was heartworm positive has been treated for heartworms.    


Apache is a 11 year old pug who came into rescue from a breeder release.  He was heart worm positive and has been treated for the heart worms.  He is also being treated for a leaky heart valve. 


Sandy is a 9 year old pug who came into rescue from a breeder release.  She developed Lung Lobe Torsion and had to have a Left Cranial Lung Lobectomy and requires additional care as she only has part of a lung remaining. 


Lucky is a 5 year old pug who came into rescue from of a breeder release.  Lucky is blind and filled with nervous energy. He has such a sweet personality and loves to be close to his human as possible.  He requires a lot of attention and can only be left for a few short hours a day.  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card